Detect incoming insects,remotely.


Monitor the site on your PC!

IoT allows you to monitor the on-site state real time, remotely from your office or anywhere, and you don't have to visit the site. It’s well-suited for installing in a sanitation area and its surrounding areas, where there is preferably less traffic of people.

Email alerts to warn when there is an increase in insects.


Easy to understand the status of insect capture by eye colour

If the number of insects exceeds a threshold, the eye colour turns red and an email alert is sent out, enabling rapid insect control measure. It also raises awareness of insect control in the installation area.

Can pursue causes based on detailed chronological data.


Data is managed on the web cloud.

Monitoring results can be easily managed in the cloud. By obtaining daily and hourly captured data, it is possible to find the cause of increased insects and correlating it with the situation in the site on the day and at the time of the increase in captures.

System overview

The high-res camera photographs the sticky paper at hourly intervals, uploads the data to the web cloud.

AI in the web cloud detects insects in the images.

You can review the analysis result via the web. Email notification is also available.

Original Website

  • Easy to review the number of insects
  • Set a threshold for the number of insects captured and alarm notification when the count exceeds the threshold.
  • Historical data can be analysed on a daily and hourly basis

Advantages of Pest-Vision FC-type


Pest Control

Constant monitoring and alert notifications can enable you to prevent insect outbreaks before they occur in large numbers and take immediate action.

Cause analysis

It can be used as an evaluation indicator in risk management, risk assessment, etc.

Labor reduction

Automatic detection of insects by AI can save manual analysis.